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ADT Inc., formerly The ADT Corporation, is an American company that provides residential, small and large business electronic security, fire protection, and other related alarm monitoring services throughout the United States. The corporate head office is located in Boca Raton, Florida. In February 2016, the company was acquired by Apollo Global Management for $6.9 billion in a leveraged buyout.

Tiffani of Seattle, WA mentioned in a review: "My father subscribed to ADT system because he lived alone, elderly and needed additional security. I recently moved back home to take care of him, therefore, we decided that the system is not needed and monthly cost was expensive. 1st call to CS. We notified that we would like to cancel the subscription and that we are okay paying the 75% cancellation fee. The agent said it would be around $400 to cancel the service."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Benefits are not very competitive. The culture is depressing and not engaging. The lack of diversity is all that needs to be said."

Former Employee - ADT-Sales Representative says

"Micromanaging all the time no stop"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not sure where to start. Productivity is valued over everything - safety, quality, employees, customers, work-life balance. Assigned jobs are manipulated so that each technician is given 10-12 hours of work in an 8-hour day. When you explain that completing all your assigned work is just not a realistic expectation you are berated and threatened. The training is atrocious. New employees are given three weeks then thrown out on their own. Management preaches that safety is a priority but if you state that a site is unsafe, or more recently feel that due to COVID-19 that a job is unsafe, you are interrogated. You'll work 6 days every summer. You'll be sent to other branches to help them out while working 6 days but the employees at those branches are only working 5 days. it's gotten the point where I no longer refer friends or family to utilize ADT products or services, much less work for them. The stress of working here is not worth any pay rate or benefit. Don't do it."

Current Employee - Field Service Technician says

"Every, every, every thing else!"

Former Employee - Customer Service Manager says

"ADT has become a very stat based environment that cares very little for the individual employee. Turnover saw a huge jump within the past years and this is even within management levels. ADT has invested very little back into the training and overall morale of it's existing employees. Overall opting to hire less experienced individuals vs investing in the success of it's current people."

Former Employee - Administrative Coordinator says

"- Everything done here is for numbers and profit. They'll complain to you constantly about how we need more work done immediately, but won't offer you OT in order to help finish it. - Positions are eliminated frequently, but the workload remains. A small office takes on roles of 10+ people while hiring is always out of the question. - Management will always choose the same person to handle new work because they "can't trust it'll get done" by coworkers, so one person carries the weight of multiple people's jobs while others are doing 1 task a day. - Coworkers will consistently not follow protocol, go against policy, or speak sexist/racist comments (or as they call them jokes) and nobody holds them accountable. If you file a complaint to HR, they will tell them not to do that and nothing changes even if multiple complaints are made. - Yearly reviews are always undermined and less than 10 minutes a piece. There is never a conversation of how to improve or possible growth in the company. They are just filling out their form and moving on with their day. They don't care about what your future looks like at the company. - Speaking of growth, there is none. Want to be a manager? Good luck. Management positions are almost never opened to anyone. They find someone they like in their own office circle and hire them immediately. You have no chance to apply. If you ask about interest in the position, they tell you they're not hiring for it, but then someone new is hired within a week. - There is no diversity in management or employees. Women in management is scarcely seen (no surprise with the sexist "jokes" they constantly make) and people of color is rare. - When bringing suggestions to the table about how to improve sales, marketing, or ideas to help boost company morale, additional costs are never "within the budget." However, someone will usually take your idea and run with it to senior management and claim it as their own. - Annual raises for employees used to be anywhere from 2.5% - 5% depending on employee evaluation. With budget cuts and hiring freezes, everyone gets 2.5% regardless of how well they're doing which ends up less than $1/hr raise. I can understand that for newer employees just starting out, but not for long-term employees who are doing most of the workload on a team. - Each year, they hold a Circle of Excellence celebration for employees that perform well in sales, technicians, and management. They take trips to the Caribbean every year and pay all expenses showering them with gifts for all of their hard work. Given that office employees don't have any metrics they're required to uphold, you only have a chance of going if enough people nominate you. This makes it almost impossible to achieve unless you have a manager that truly values you and recommends you. Most of the people that go to these events are the same ones from previous years. - Management will constantly ignore phone calls from customers and leave it on office employees to deal with as they're "too busy" to talk to them. In most situations, office staff handles all calls with upset customers, but sometimes a manager is needed. Management will either brush it off or leave it for technicians to deal with when they get to a job site. While I understand they are busy with their ridiculous amount of conference calls each day (talking about the same thing over and over), customers are what provides us with a job. Learn to deal with problems head-on instead of passing it off on others because you don't want to. - Departments will constantly complain about each other rather than handling the problem. Sales didn't send in a parts order form? Must be the warehouse's fault. Technicians didn't get the right parts? Must be sales' fault. Tech didn't put the right cameras in even though that's what they ordered? Must be the install department's fault. Instead of teaching everyone how to follow proper procedure, they place the blame on everyone but themselves. Managers, hold your team accountable. If they did something wrong, show them how to do it correctly. Don't blame everyone else. TL, DR: Management holds nobody accountable, profit is #1 priority no matter who they step on to get there, and unless you're in sales, consider yourself not important."

Former Employee - Management says

"RACIST people in power. They dont care about employees"

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"Hard to earn a living when they are moving to a telemarketing marketing plan"

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"Will ruin your car chasing endless leads."

Current Employee - Security Advisor says

"Lie to employees and customers. will do anything for a buck."

Collections Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Job security and advancementIn terms of job security at ADT Security Services, I think if you are cut throat and view custimers as numbers this is a good job for youOverallMy experience working at ADT Security Services they sell you on treating customers right but if you dont meet thenumbers they will fire you."

Alarm Dispatcher (Former Employee) says

"It was the most awful job I ever had. Would not recommend this place at all. The atmosphere was not caring for employees. It was a rough and not pleasant whatsoever. NoneManagement was poor"

B2B Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Do not even think about selling security systems. You'll be the 20th guy in the door and the ADT contract is onerous.Only a fool would sign a 36 month deal with ADT. It is a dog eat dog lifestyle and you will burn the rubber off your tires and the leather off your shoes because your sales manager owns you.NoneYou are a dog on a leash."

Phone Representative (Current Employee) says

"Pay and hours are garbage. There really isn't much more to say. I delcined the job offer given the garbage pay and hours. Minimum wage is not a survivable rate of pay.NoneNothing but."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Worked there 2 years and its gotten progressively worse you can accumulate over 40 hours of pto which they refuse to let you use because they don't have anyone to cover your shift, yet adt fails to hire more workers and management can take 2 weeks of vacation no hesitations, you would ask management why your pto isn't getting approved even though your putting a month in advance and they refuse to answer why and change the subject I wouldn't recommend even my worst enemy to work there"

Wireless Representative (Former Employee) says

"Even at a security company they don't have your back and don't due their due diligence. First chance they have they will get rid of you without doing all of the research. You work to much and they don't even say thank you just how much more are you going to work. If you don't work more they make it mandatory. They want you to work way later than your shift to get a job done so they can put more work on you to make management look better. They keep promising you something and months later still nothing. I don't know who my boss is as I answer too two different people. Cool huh! Products keep changing but no communication comes out and we are expected to know it without any communication. TravelBenefits, pay, work/life balance, management, not enough room for all cons. Run!"

General Care Representative (Former Employee) says

"Training managers have attitudes and make you feel stupid for asking questions. They terminated me for being sick and refused to work with me. Horrible time with employee benefits. Dont waste your time!"

Sales Rep (Former Employee) says

"Don’t ever come here. They have terrible integrity and don’t give a sh** about anyone. Look at all the people that constantly quit and why they are always hiring. This place sucks the managers don’t do sh** and the training is so half assed. NoneEverything"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"High turnover for a reason. Back to back calls not even one second between calls. This place is highly stressful and mentally draining and the pay is not worth it. Managers are under high stress to met numbers. If you like stress and burn out then be my guest if not I strongly suggest you look for work elsewhere. Also there’s no diversity in executive leadership which clearly does not reflect the majority of tthe workforce.worNoneEvery thing"

Commercial Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Hard to work there. Not alot you can offer besides pre priced services with add ons. Cell phone and iPad given but selling through them is a real learning curve. Competition is crazy with mo geography for yourself ,every man for himself and then there are also resellers who offer same services cheaper."

Ejecutivo comercial ADT SECURITY (Former Employee) says

"Mala planificación de ventas Jefatura extrezante no te deja. Ni los días libre sin precionar Mala experiencia con clientes que tuvieron el servicio muchas veces me dijeron garabatos"

Installation Technician (Current Employee) says

"Management and everyone else that works here will always put you under the bus. You’ll be paid a lot of money. But it comes with ALOT of stress. Believe meWeekly paychecksManagement, unnecessary demand, threats to get fired"

EDO (Current Employee) says

"No love for employees especially when it was time to evaluate all employees out the office due to the pandemic they need better management and learn to treat others with respect"

Intermediate Installation (Former Employee) says

"Sorry. Never worked there. Got called for an interview , spent half a day on that, and whoever the supervisor is gave a lame excuse while I sat in the lobby. Probably some sort of discrimination. I will never work for you. I got a great position, and we take over a lot of their systems. You made the world believe everything is free, and good work is not free.Gladly removing your lawn signs and putting up ours.None.Low quality work espacially your subs."

Technical Support Analyst (Current Employee) says

"First, ADT is not "ADT". It's a subsidiary of a global investment firm called Apollo Holdings, inc. You get garbage training and if you think there's a such thing as communication then you're the fool they need. This job is the worst of the worst. Field techs are stuck all day, tech reps get the worst of it all and the company can give two birds about you or your life. asily be replace. And they make it their business to let you know this.NoneEverything"

Emergency Dispatcher (Former Employee) says

"I worked at ADT for 3 and a half years At first when it was protection 1. It was perfect.....After the became ridiculous.... The cons: favoritism, poor hr, Management, supervisors, rep 3s...they play with your pto, pay, advancement, metrics, QA and to many other issues to list. 90 percent of the people there are on drugs, using and selling it, they fire people they don't like and show favoritism to those who kiss ...wee u know....beware for they don't like"

Fire Alarm Engineer (Current Employee) says

"They treat staff like dirt! All about figures No support from management Very cheap company No care for their staff Pushed to the max and end up very streesed out!!!finishing at 5pmTreated like garbage"

Installer/Technician (Former Employee) says

"Managers does not and never followed diversity and company guidelines , managers play to much Favoritism, was ignored to many times when putting in my vacation times , not approved on time ,"

Technical Support Representative (Current Employee) says

"Here is a job where you’re constantly being micro managed, given negative feedback including unprofessional supervisors and team leads.They will also force you back to work during the pandemic if you’re not performing to their standards. Also being graded by a robot who tells you if your being empathetic with the customers. There is no room for growth unless you are being a “ pet” for them.Overall they will continuously feed you for being there working their much needed OT by offering a $2-$5 incentive."

District Sales Manager-Utah/Idaho (Former Employee) says

"No leadership support or development. Company doesn't seek out quality for female employees. Not willing to be pay or compete against wages in order to retain employees."

Eugene Sullivan says

"I got a door bell camera installed and it is not working. They told me they cannot fix the problem. Customer service is terrible. I would not them porotect my DOG HOUSE"

Kathy says

"I had my system installed in May 2018... that system NEVER EVER worked. Requiring many hours of my time to try and resolve. Including crawling on top of and underneath of, etc. It never worked. They would come and within 1 hr it would go offline lost satellite. I tried to cancel, they wanted to charge me hundreds of dollars for breaking a contract, which I signed yes but it was never explained to me it was a 3 year contract. I unplugged the piece of crap and sucked it up and continued to pay it monthly bc I got tired, you won. I bought a ring, it's an awesome system and no bs involved

I recently sold my home and I called to let adt know I was moving..ofc the first and only thing they said I was breaking contract and was told I would have to pay $128. I told them it was cheaper for me to pay it until contract expired. Today I got a bill for$128 unknown to me they apparently ended my contract without my permission.

Worse company ever. All they care about is selling the crap to you with a contract bc ofc that's how they're paid... forget about problems and customer service, you're on your own. Horrible company, strongly suggest not ever using them. I actually installed a ring for$140 and that was the best security decision security system purchase iever made. One time charge i installed myself. Extremely ez to use. Buy a ring you will not be disappointed"

Mino Jovel says

"absolitely TRASH. I opened an ADT account late 2019, cancelled immediately after 1 day because I realized their price is unfair. Took me 14 phone calls 8hrs to get them to tell me the specific cancellation process. I need to fill out a form and fax it to them. It was 2019 and I need to FAX. Fine, I faxed a day after the service was established, before their THREE DAY deadline. Finally thought there’s won’t be anything else after they called us continuously for a while. Today I found out they charged me 700 dollars three times, twice late 2019, one early 2020. What the hell??? Absolutely a scam company, trash. I will call tomorrow to get my cash back, if not I will sue this scammer ADT"

Sabrina Hernandez says

"I wish you could give no stars. ADT is horrible!!!!! Their customer service is the worst!!!! One of our sensors kept going off and they had two people come out before it was finally fixed after I had enough when it went off at 2am saying someone was breaking into my home when that wasn’t case. The cameras are constantly going offline and not working. In order to get them fixed you, yourself has to get on a ladder to unplug and plug back in the cameras for them to work or they want to charge you over $100 for them to come out and fix them when you pay a lot of money a month already. ADT needs to get it together. Their customer service people are rude as well and half the time they “don’t know what to tell you”. It’s like they no nothing and can’t explain a thing to you."

apoffice says

"I just can't believe they didn't release me from my contract when my small business closed due to COVID. I understand the purpose of contracts are to be withheld but with ADT's supposed focus on customer service I expected more. Now I have to pay every month for two more years. Adding fuel to the fire..."

randomname550 says

"Incompetent, unprofessional, unable to carry out basic customer service and system service/installation.

Too many issues lasting too many weeks to list here in full.

Whatever has happened to ADT?"

Nana Akua Achiaa Damoah says

"save your money. I wish you could give negative stars
1. camera doesn't do what it advertises to do.
2. they tell you you can cancel anytime but keep the fact that you would have to pay about 1,700 for a cancellation fee. when I asked the rep if I could cancel, he should have told me about this issue but no he said " sure you can cancel anytime just give us a call" now I'm stuck with a service I don't use or need for 36 months.
3. if the wifi breaks a sec, you would have to restart/reset the whole thing every single time which requires an expert sometimes. it is very frustrating. and no you can't get out until after 3 years.
note: read every word before you sign anything, my friend was charged $300/ month when he thought he was signing up for a $45/ month contact."

Kamran Davies says

"IM BEGGING YOU ALL DO NOT EVER GO WITH ADT!!!!!!! Please please please...

Taken just under £1000 out of my account when all they were supposed to take was £220! Been almost 2 weeks now to get that money back and was promised 5 working days and it’s been been 11!!!!! When asked about telling them I have bills to pay and children to feed they’re attitude was not they give a F!!!! Hung up on me twice and when transferred to another department was put on hold for 64 minutes one time and 53 the other before I hung up!!!!!! Please please avoid like the plague absolute waste of money!!!!!"

Melanie Ellis says

"Run!! Don't get sucked in to their money making scheme. I was with Protection One and was told they bought out ADT. Funny thing is, everything I have now goes through ADT. Horrible customer service and even worse products. I upgraded my system to add 2 cameras. Was told I would have to change our my panel. In order to have new panel, I had to enter in to New contract. (I was no longer under contract). Upon changing, found out that 2 of my most important features were no longer offered on the new and improved panel: the duress code or the bad weather alerts. Offered to change back to old panel because now I'm told that didn't have to be changed out in order for my cameras to be installed, which means I would have never have been locked in to another useless contract. Fast forward months later, still haven't changed out panel. Have been told repeatedly I would receive a call to schedule this and at this point, 3 months later... Crickets!!! Now, cameras, nor alarms are even working. Called support and cannot get a technician for another 2 weeks. Supposed to call me in the morning... We'll see if that one ever comes to fruition. As it stands right now, I have this useless equipment mounted that is nothing but a decoration. Absolutely nothing even connecting!!!! Oh, but the billing system works great!!!!"

Consumer says

"Worst customer service I have ever experienced! I am moving and the closing date has changed several times. Each time I have called ADT, I have been on the phone 2-4 hours! Today when I called them, I was told my service was cancelled rather than processed as a relocation and I received a $2,800 bill for early termination! This took 3 hours and 6 people to straighten out. If I did not have a contract, I would stop service."

prancer says

"Sometimes the red light comes on"

Christina Caskey Rooke says

"Would get negative stars if I could. ADT is a glorified collections agency. They have tricky language in their contracts to assure you get screwed when you move. They auto renew your contracts without notice or consent and make you pay out that new contract if you need to move and can't install the security system in your new place. Even if you move somewhere out of their service range they still screw you over and will send you to collections without hesitation. Other companies provide same service for a third of the cost, no contracts and you can move the equipment easily. AVOID AT ALL COSTS."

DC Sayre says

"We’ve been ADT customers for over twenty years. Earlier systems were wired into our home – this last system was a battery-operated mess than ran the batteries out constantly. At one point we considered dropping ADT – but they came back with a threat of thousands of dollars charges to break the contract -and finally when our house was destroyed by a tornado – ADT has kept charging us 58 dollars month to “maintain” that contract even though the system no longer exists. ADT will rob you more than any thief."

Amarie King says

"I just purchased a house on the 31st of December. That same day I called ADT to schedule services, according to their website they can get you installed same day as long as you call before 1pm. My call was around 11am but I settled for a Monday appointment from 2-4pm. I was offered 2 free cameras, $100 visa gift card and a free system upgrade (previous owners had ADT) When Monday came around I did not hear anything and when I called to see what the delay was I was referred to the 3rd party contractor. This contractor Safe Streets basically told me they were backed up and I could get an appointment a week later which would be today. I called ADT back and they said they would give me a month free, and found me a different 3rd party contractor. This new contractor (Protect Your Home) came Tuesday the 5th and everything was great until he put a huge hole in my wall when he decided to move the panel and then told me to have my painters fix it. The tech did not finish the job and said he would have to come back to install the cameras. I reached out to ADT via Facebook and they told me to call them. I wasn’t receiving any of my previous offers and I was being charged over $4000 for equipment. I called on Friday after the tech came back to finish install, he showed up at 7pm. I was told by ADT someone would call in 24hrs and when no one did I called again. This time I was told I needed to call back during the week days between 7am- 9pm Eastern. Today I was told that a Supervisor/Manager would call me back in 48hrs. I then waited 7 hours and decided to cancel. I was given the run around with 5 different representatives transferring me to different people and departments only to find out I can’t cancel over the phone and I can’t cancel without having to fax a paper stating why I am trying to cancel. Beyond frustrated, beyond irritated."

Nouha Ajaj says

"Horrible customer service. I had my alarm installed almost 2 months ago and I’m still waiting for them to install my camera properly; it’s just sitting there. After calling my agent time and time again, I called customer service who promised me a call back and I’m still waiting another week later. It’s disgusting."

ADV says

"The worst customer service EVER!!!
I had to cancel my service and I had to speak to more than 10 people and waste alot of time."

Ms. M says

"In August of 2020 my husband called to cancel ADT. At that time we were not under contract any longer. ADT continued to take payments from our bank account. I called and spoke to representative Diane about it in December of 2020 and she said she removed the easy pay, canceled the service and promised me refunds along with a cancellation confirmation number for both the service and easy pay removal. We did receive one refund check but a month later received a past due bill. I called again and spoke to Hector who advised me the service was never canceled, said I owed the past due monies. I was transferred to a supervisor supposedly named Reggie. After much debate he advised me the account was canceled, I would not owe any other monies and this morning another deduction was made from my bank account which they supposedly had removed from their system. They tried to say my husband never canceled back in August but set up a lower payment agreement which is a lie. I will be reporting them to the BSIS today, calling my bank to report fraud. I’ve had enough of calling them and enough of them stealing my money."

Veronika Harmon says

"We got burglarized while having ADT and they did not call the police until after my husband did. Instead they just left an audible voicemal that they did not call the police. The burglars must have laughed. Also our alarm was not audible because after one of their service visits, they forgot to turn it on. After all our damage, they did not even compensate us their monthly premiums we paid them. NEVER use them. Not a good company!!!"

stephanie says

"This morning I received a call back from Cedric to get information regarding a new system. After going thru all the particulars, he asked if I wanted to sign up. I had to explain 3 times, that this was not a decision to make on the spot, that I needed to talk with my family to make a decision, and I was shopping around for information/prices, multiple times, but he would not back down from the same question. His last question was, "what other question could your family have other than what you just asked", I replied, "i do not know, but I will find out and call back", he then hung up on me. I find this rude, unprofessional and frankly unkind. As an agent of a company, he should realize that I want to get other prices/information BEFORE i make a big decision like this to protect my family and home. I WILL NOT be doing business with ADT ever, and will go with Vivant, who were very professional, kind and completely understood, when I told them the exact same thing, that I was shopping around for prices. Very bad way to get business, and I own my own business as well, so I know how to deal with people."

Jesus Neave says

"This company is a joke I wish I would of read the reviews before hiring them I’ve spent at least 6 hours if not more on hold or being transferred To solve an issue for a month I would cancel but the fine print says I’m signed up for a 3 year contract. Best part was when they sold me on signing up they said there is no contracts. Surprise!!! they just care to get your money!! I’m sure they noticed they couldn’t"

Ron says

"Terrible service terrible maintenance when I finally cancelled my lack of monitoring they continued to bill and turned me over to collections never ever will call them again."

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